• Christine Liriano

12 Days of Christmas: Day 12. A Christmas Good Deed

Giving back...

When you think of #Christmas, you think of families coming together, gathering around the #dinnertable. You think of shopping frenzies, you think of kids opening everything they asked Santa for. But as a #society, we sometimes forget to think about those who are less fortunate than us. We cannot forget them. We who are #blessed enough to be with our families on Christmas, able enough to put a Christmas dinner on the table and fortunate enough to sleep in a warm bed. We cannot forget them. The ones who can’t see their families. The ones who can’t afford Christmas dinner. Those who don’t have a home to go at night.

I have lived through some of those less fortunate times and I am so grateful to be where I am today. That’s why I think it’s really important to give back, we never know when we’ll be on the other side.

You can #giveback in so many ways. Taking a plate of food next door to the grandma whose family won’t be coming to visit. Doing a local coat drive. Or #donating cans of food to your church. And It doesn’t even have to be something tangible that you give, it can be a service. Shovel the grandma’s front yard or #volunteer at a soup kitchen. You don’t have to be rich to give back.

A simple gesture may not seem like a lot to you but to that person who’s going through a difficult time, i guarantee that it means the world. Giving back also teaches children a valuable lesson. It teaches them compassion and social responsibility.

I’m from the #NewYorkCity area and these are my favorite programs that give back:

The Bowery Mission

Providing hot meals, shelter and medical care to the homeless since the 1870s.

Masbia Soup Kitchen

Located in Queens and Brooklyn, NY serves hot meals to those in need.

The Robin Hood Foundation

Helps fight poverty through donations, job training and education.

Whatever your plans this holiday season, dont forget to give back. What do you do to give back?

xoxo, This Stepford Wife