• Christine Liriano

12 Days of Christmas: Day 3. Trimming the Tree

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Yay! It's tree time! From types of trees to corky and unique ornaments, this post gives you the low down on tree trimming.

According to, Martin Luther is credited for the candlelit Christmas tree. He wanted to recreate how the bright stars in the night sky glistened amongst the evergreens for his family, so he brought a tree into his house and hung lit candle from the branches. However, it wasn’t until Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland posed with her family for the Illustrated London News that erecting a tree in your home became popular in the west. Now that we’ve had a little history trivia let’s get back to decorating the tree.

...erecting a tree in your home became popular in the west.

Nowadays, trees are so versatile. You can get flocked trees, white trees, all the colors of the rainbow trees, trees that are pre-lit. There are even trees that hang upside down! And obviously, we can't forget real trees!

Although I love a flocked tree, the messiness that comes with it always deters me from buying one. The last few years, I’ve had a white Christmas tree but I want to move on to a green one because like I mentioned in my Day 2: Foyer Decor post that I prefer a traditional Christmas look. I also love when the tree looks jam packed with ornaments, LOL, may not be everybody’s favorite but it just looks so good to me!

Like garland, you can use picks to enhance your tree. This is a good trick when a tree might not be as full as expected. And adding picks allows you to even further customize your tree. Another beautiful addition to a tree is ribbon. You can place the ribbon diagonally or vertically, or create vertical bubbles for a little extra something. Lately I’ve seen a slew of other accessories for tree. Things that don’t usually come to me mind like feather boas and feather picks. And of course the usual corky ornaments like animal figurines and sports themed.

Should I even mention ball ornaments and lights!?

Should I even mention ball ornaments and lights!? 😂😅. What I’ve been loving though, is mercury balls and crystal ornaments. I feel they give the tree a more elegant and sophisticated look. Their transparency make the tree lights bounce in different directions creating a halo like effect. So appropriate and magical!

And to finish it all off, toppers! There are all kinds of toppers. Bows, stars, angels. Growing up, my mom always used an angel topper like this one. I've used a similar one but I found this one from target that I really like.

The tree is the visual focal point of Christmas. But whether you trim your tree with ribbons, balls or just lights, make the moment special. Do it with your family. Play music. Drink hot cocoa. These are all the things I do with my husband the weekend after Thanksgiving, it's our tradition.

What are your favorite tree decorations? What are your Christmas traditions?

Check out my previous post for additional decor that can be used on trees as well and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for 12 Days of Christmas: Day 4. Christmas Dinner Menu.

xoxo, This Stepford Wife