• Christine Liriano

12 Days of Christmas: Day 6. Breakfast

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Ahhhh Christmas morning. While everyone is busy opening presents, my family and I are busy trying to cure our hangover, lol. Not really, well partly true. As kids, we opened our presents on Christmas morning but our Christmas morning is 12am. And Since we celebrated on Christmas Eve, we take it easy on Christmas Day and just chill.

For breakfast, we don’t have the typical pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon either. We do los tres golpes or “the three hits”...some things just don’t translate, lol. It’s mangu (mashed plantains), fried eggs, queso de freir (fried cheese), fried salami, with sautéed onions and avocado (hold the avocado for me please).

Our breakfast is usually accompanied by refresco rojo (Country Club red soda), jugo de chinola (passion fruit juice) or morir soñando (literal translation "die dreaming", somethings just don't translate, lol). We like choices, lol. Don’t be frighten by the soda, lol, it’s more brunch than breakfast. And think of morir sonando like an orange smoothie; it’s orange juice, milk, sugar and vanilla extract.

This breakfast is a constant in a Dominican household. It yields a lot of servings from only a few items. And it’s so perfect why change it for Christmas!

Keep reading to get all the delicious recipes!

Mind you, it’s hard to find a recipe for just fried salami or just mangu alone because all these things just pair so well together. While listing basically the same recipe from different sources might feel repetitive, I wanted to give you variety because everyone always does something different.

You can do mangu de platano, platano maduro (ripened plantains) or guineito (unripened plantains). I like guineito but I love maduro. Not only do I love it because of its natural sweetness but because that same sweetness saves the day when my mangu is not working out, lol. Follow this recipe here for a banging mangu (you can just switch out the suggested plantain for the type you'd like to use).

Do I really need to link a recipe for fried eggs?! You just fry the egg, lol. But in case you wanted to know, I love my fried egg with a runny yolk. Yum! Fine...I’ll include a recipe. But either way check out this recipe...

The trick to the queso frito is to coat on both sides with flour (some people use corn starch)...I only learned that though after a bunch failed attempts... Don’t be like me and follow this recipe. Fun fact: it is physically impossible for me to follow a recipe to the tea, haha! It’s like it says “2 garlic cloves” and my body on its own puts four! I can’t control it! 😂

Personally I don’t like cooked onions but the little juice from cooked onions drizzled over the mangu, heavenly. I’m such a disappointment to my family right now, lol. I can hear them saying, “no sabes de lo aue te pierdes”. “You don’t know why you’re missing”. Cue the eye roll please.

Frying the Salami is even easier than frying the eggs! 😂 and as the recipe I linked says, cooking salami is pretty straightforward. Heat your oil, brown on both sides. Voila!

Yes, it's not your traditional American Christmas breakfast, but it is for me. Like I said in my previous post, Day 5. Christmas Dinner, Christmas food is greatly influenced by culture and tradition. If you're ever looking to switch things up, I highly suggest trying this breakfast. It's savory, filling and fun...the way Christmas should be!

What's your favorite Christmas breakfast? Is it traditionally American?

xoxo, This Stepford Wife