• Christine Liriano

Brooklinen Birthday Sale 20% Off

If you've been wanting to try Brooklinen, now is the time! They are currently having their birthday sale and are doing a 20% discount, this is a great value on their bundles. You can save up to 25% bedding bundles and up to 17% on the bath bundles. Imagine that discount plus the extra 20%. What a steal!

As I get older, I want to invest in quality items for my home. I'm in the process of moving for the umpteenth time and I am really wondering why I have some of the things that I have, lol. I'm tired of super trendy things and buying cheaper things when it comes to the house. And Brooklinen's quality is beyond.

Below are my picks for the sale.

Waffle Robe

Okay, I want all the waffle things! I don't know but doesn't the waffle robe remind you of the robes in hotels? So of course I want that vacation feeling at home after a hot shower, shaving my body head to toe and doing every hair mask under the sun.

Classic Move-In Bundle in Classic Percale

If you're familiar with Brooklinen then you were probably first introduced to them with their classic sheets. Imagine having freshly shaved legs and slipping into bed onto these amazing sheets...and what's more? They include a complimentary Laundress detergent! Ahhh the smell of this detergent!! Heaven! I chose the move-in bundle for the amazing value.

Luxe Duvet Cover

Confession time...I've never done the comforter/duvet cover thing. Eeek! I've always bought those bed-in-a-bag type bedding. It's time I grow up. I want to feel like an adult sleeping on quality bedding, especially if I'll be doing adult things on that bedding...haha, TMI?!!

Towel Move-In Bundle

I want to transition all my towels to a light shade palette. I feel that it's more aesthetically pleasing. I chose the super-plush bundle for myself because again, I always want that luxurious, hotel feeling. And for my husband I chose the waffle towel bundle because it's super lightweight and super absorbent. I must say, my favorite item from these bundles are the bath mat because like the bedding situation, I don't know what I've been doing with my life or my home. I always buy bath rugs and this year I realized that it is not the all. I want my shower to be an experience rather than a task, you know what I mean?

Mattress Topper

Of course no bedding situation is ever complete without the right mattress topper. I want to sleep on the clouds so I chose the Down Alternative Mattress Topper. It is vegan so environmentally friendly. I'm not vegan but it is better for the environment and more economical.

I just realized that this would make an awesome Mother's Day gift! Men, if you wanna make more babies, get your lady love some good quality bedding and bath! She'll thank you for it ;).

What are your picks from the sale?