• Christine Liriano

Designer Bags I'm Currently Coveting

My birthday just passed and let's pretend I have loads of disposable income at the moment, lol, these are the bags I would splurge on for my birthday.

First up is the Louis Vuitton Pochette. I'm not the biggest fan of the monogram look but I really do love this bag with the pink shoulder strap! It breaks up all the brown and feels a little more fresh. This pairs so well with a casual look because the strap dresses it down. Think cute joggers and sweatshirt.

Next we have this medium to large, sage-y hunter green bag from Mulberry. I have never personally owned a Mulberry bag but I had a friend who was a fan and OMG when I tell you their bags have the softest, buttery leather...believe me! The quality is outstanding and very long lasting. This bag would be perfect for a mom-on-the-go. You can fit everything from your wallet and cosmetic pouch to snacks and a. few diapers. It also comes with a shoulder strap which makes it even more practical.

One of the trendiest bags of the season! The Coach Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag, so nostalgic. Giving 2000s vibes. The shape, the size, so many memories but the pillow finish gives it an updated feel. I love that it's so small but still big enough to fit your phone, cards and a few makeup items. Everything you need for an outing.

Wow! This Chloe bag! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The fabric, the color, the style. I'm just in awe of this bag. The only thing I would say though, I wish it were a tinsy bit bigger, other than that, perfection. I can think of so many ways to wear this bag. It also for some reason reminds me of the Balenciaga it-bag from the 2010s before it was re-designed and let me tell you, that was a bag I was in love with.

Okay, so obviously best for last. The black on black YSL has my heart. It's so casual but still fancy at the same time. This is really the everywhere bag. Doesn't matter what you're wearing or where you're going, I bet this bag goes with your outfit. The size is just right and you can wear it on the shoulder or cross-body. The pillow-y texture is modern enough without being super trendy, of the moment like the Coach bag. This is a bag you keep forever.

Which one was your favorite bag?