• Christine Liriano

Dream Master Bedroom

Guys!!!! We finally did it! We moved to Texas! I still can't believe it, lol.

If you didn't know, I have a YouTube channel and I posted a video talking about manifesting our dream home. I included the video below for you to check out...

While we are not buying the dreamy model home from the video, we are buying the home that's perfect for our family in this moment in time. With that being said, I am so excited to decorate and buy new furniture and organize, oh my! It might still be year before we're in the house because we want to replenish some of our funds that we used for the move and some other things. But who says we can't have fun planning and browsing in the meantime!

I've been window shopping and doing a lot of browsing and I have found so many fun and amazing things for our master bedroom. I want to go in a completely different direction than our old apartment. You can check it out here. Our old apartment was very traditionally decorated. And I'm glad I did that because I had been wanting to decorate in that style for a long time but now going into the house I want to do a little bit more modern. I want a little of that Scandinavian vibe, the woody vibe with hints of black but still with neutrals and very light and airy.

However!!!! For our master bedroom I want to have some fun and do somethings I normally wouldn't. I always see these amazing graphic collages of room ideas all over Instagram and I thought it'd be super fun to make my own and create my own inspiration for my house. I'll be doing that for a few rooms so make sure to sign up for my blog's email so that you don't miss any of those posts.

So below is the graphic for my master bedroom design and inspiration. I had way to much fun with this!! I love the way it came out! I am so proud of all the different elements I was able to bring together but also of the actual graphic.

I linked everything so when the time comes to buy everything I know exactly where to find it, it's kind of my personal Pinterest lol. A little disclaimer though! This was my very first time doing a room design graphic that's why it's looking a little rough lol.


I really want to keep the floors and walls light, neutral and airy so I chose a light wood for the floor. I don't have a link for this because I literally just took a screenshot from a Google pic and expanded it. But the wallpaper is from Pottery Barn and it's the Moire Dots Removable Wallpaper. I love it because it has a pattern but still subtle enough so that it's not overwhelming and busy.

Area Rug

I want to anchor the room a bit so I decided for a rug that has some color but in a design that won't take away from the focal pieces we'll talk about later. This is the Impasto Slate Blue Rug from Ruggable. The company has mixed reviews for its rugs, specifically when it comes to vacuuming so I'm not a hundred percent sure if this is the option I'll be going with but the design of the rug is pretty much what I'm looking for. I'll keep browsing but for now this is the rug.


For the headboard, I want something sleek but not super plain. I love that the Velvet Channel Headboard from Opalhouse found at Target. It has clean lines but the velvet upholstery makes it a little funky. My husband and I haven't decided if we want to switch to a king size bed. We have the Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Concierge Suite II in the queen size from and we love it. If we find a house that has enough bedrooms for a guest room then that'll be the perfect time to move our queen bed into the guestroom and treat our self to a king size bed.


Buying a home is more permanent than apartment living so I really want to invest in good pieces and linens. For the longest time, I've wanted quality sheets and I've been eyeing the brand Bolland and Branch as well as Brooklinen. I actually wrote a blog post about Brooklinen's sheet that you can read here. I will probably go with either of these brands.

Bedside Tables

I love the look of wider night tables. I went browsing online and found these beautiful navy ones at The Home Depot of all places. I don't usually think of the Home Depot for furniture but there they were, my focal pieces from the brand Boyel Living . For the most part the rest of the room is a lighter color palette, I want something to stand out and these chests are just the thing. Because all the pieces of furniture in the bedroom add very different things to the space, I want to keep the decor on the night tables very minimal that's why I didn't add any but I will definitely write a post when I find those one or two things that I must have.


At the end of the bed I want to put this Fawn Upholstered Custom Modern Bench from The Inside. It is so pretty and adds storage as well.


As I typed the word 'Lighting" above I realized I didn't pick any over head lighting but I did find this Borg 4 - Light Unique Geometric Chandelier from Wayfair that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.

Instead of lamps on the night stands, I went for the sleek Carla Brushed Brass Down-Light Swing Arm Plug-In Wall Lamp sconces from Lamp Plus. Now we won't be doing any electrical work for the sconces because that's too much work and would probably cost a good chunk of change if we hire out. We'll most likely do puck lights or rechargeable lightbulbs that I actually just learned about from Marissa @HerrHome. And Lindsay from @Frills_and_Drills uses puck lighting all the time in her DIYs.

Wall Decor

I won't be hanging much wall decor but I will be hanging this simple mirror over my vanity. For over my bed, I will be framing black and photos from my wedding in these beautiful Polished Nickel Gallery Frames with Antique Brass from William Sonoma.


I am obsessed with this dresser from Value City Furniture. Normally, I don't gravitate towards lucite on furniture but here I am obsessing and wait until you read further. The pulls on the dresser are lucite but the dresser itself is so sleek and has clean lines that it just works perfectly. I don't know yet how I'll decorate the top of it but as soon as I find some things I love, I'll definitely write a post.

Sitting Area

So this is area is contingent on the actual size of the master bedroom. But if the space does allow for a sitting area, I love the little configuration I came up with. I like that the pink Picket House Furnishings Lincoln Accent Chairs from Walmart are still light enough to work as a neutral and doesn't give off a super girly vibe. I hope to read some books here as well as plan out my days in the morning but knowing my husband this will probably become a catch all for his gym clothes! Between two of these chair I will put this Acrylic Round Side Table Clear Stylish End Table from Homary. Remember when I said earlier I'm not a fan of lucite but I that's changed! I love that this little table is understated but still sophisticated.

Vanity & Chair

Possibly my favorite area in the bedroom is the vanity! It has been so long since I've had a designated place to do my makeup at for almost three years. At first, I thought I could do without, well technically we can all do without a lot of things lol, but I really enjoyed having a place where I can sit and enjoy a coffee or beer while doing my makeup. I want a vanity that's functional but still very pretty to look at. I fell in love with the Modern Champagne Makeup Vanity from Homary. I love the look of leather on the drawers but I am so glad that the top is a smooth, hard surface making it easy to wipe away makeup. And since I downsized my makeup collection by a whole lot, the amount drawers is perfect. For the chair, I love this totally unexpected wooden wide armchair from Wayfair. I've read the reviews and they all say it's comfortable and totally stand out. I cannot tell you how excited I am!

I know that my husband and I have some time before buying our house but I love to think about the future and dream and manifest. And dreaming is free!

What does your ideal master bedroom look like?