• Christine Liriano

End of Year Sale Roundup

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Sales you don't want to miss!

I am so looking forward to the new year. 2020 has kicked all of our butts! I give birth at the very beginning of the year so I have been browsing the internet for inspiration on new outfits, new hair, new make...give me all the new new! I've rounded up some cute picks from some of my favorite shops.

Abercrombie & Fitch

How sophisticated but cute and comfy is this coat? It's easy to throw on on the way out the door and super easy to transition from dressed up to dressed down. You can totally throw on some cute boots and a sassy bag or simplify it with sneakers and a baseball cap like the one I also included. Now that I think about it I basically put together a whole outfit with my sale picks with the exception of the pajama shorts unless that's your thing, lol!

My absolute faves from the sale are the jeans and the bra. I have not worn jeans in months because of the pregnancy so I am super excited to get back to them. And the triangle bra looks so comfy but at the same time not dowdy, you know what I mean? For the most part, I've always worn the lightly lined, t-shirt bra from Victoria's Secret's Pink Collection because honestly they fit so well and are durable but I want to start branching out to other brands and try new things.

Icon Baseball Hat

Wool-Blend Belted Dad Coat

Next To Naked Triangle Bralette

Cozy Sleep Shorts

Curve Love High Rise Skinny Jeans

Crewneck Cropped Cardigan

Seamless Cami Bodysuit


Just like my bras, I've always worn Victoria's Secret panties except when they were too small to hold my pregnant belly then I had to make the temporary switch to Fruit of the Loom but I am ready for some new undies. I need to purge so much after I give birth, it's not even funny, lol. I like the thong style for everyday wear especially under jeans and pants, they don't give you the ever unflattering panty lines. But to sleep, I prefer a little more coverage so I go with a boy brief type. However, I'm interested in that high waisted panty, looks super comfy but my husband would probably be like, "Woman what the heck are you wearing?". He prefers something a little more! Smh! Right now you can buy 8 for only 30 bucks!


Okay this has been THE boot of the season! It has been everywhere and on every blogger's site and gift guide. And for good reason! It has sensible heel height without compromising style. And the neutral tone let's you wear them with an endless variety of shades and style of clothing. Not to mention that Marc Fisher shoes are always on point, style wise and price point.

I know I've already said twice that my top to bra was from Victoria's Secret BUT I did own a Natori bra at one point, and paid full price! And I must say it was worth every penny, a super comfy fit and extremely durable.

If the Marc Fisher boots were the boots of the season, these Adidas sneakers were the sneakers of my high school and teenage years. The fact that they are still just as relevant proves that they are worth it. These are your perfect, everyday, go with anything pair of sneakers. And if I need new panties pronto then I need new sneakers even sooner! For most of my pregnancy, I stuck with the same pair of Converse sneakers and let's just say, they've seen much better days, haha!

Eyelash Lace High Waisted Boybrief Underwear

No Show Cotton Thong Underwear

Waffle Boybrief Underwear

Stan Smith Sneaker

Oshay Pointed Toe Bootie

Rose Dream Custom Coverage Underwire Bra

Pink Lily

Pink Lily is brand new to me. I've actually never bought from them but they have been everywhere lately and like I said, after giving birth just as we are bringing in the new year, I am ready to try all the new things. They have the cutest sweaters and looks so comfy and easy to wear. From the three I chose, my fave is the "COOL MOM" one because you know... "I'm not a regular mom". Insert eye roll here if you'd like, lol! And I must admit that I love the leopard print comeback. It is being used in new, less obvious ways and I totally love that!You can have your leopard print fix without being totally obnoxious (Snooki? Jersey Shore? Lmao!).


I meannnnn! The sale on top of already the low prices. You can't go wrong. The cheek and eye palettes are such a steal! You won't have to buy eyeshadow or blush for years! And the colors are so wearable, they can be easily incorporated into your daily makeup routine. Speaking of daily make up routine, I have been doing the same makeup look for the past three weeks in an effort to speed up the time I take to get ready. But I digress, lol. How long does it take you to get ready? While in the past I've played around a lot with eyeshadow, what has always been consistent is my nude lip. I love, love, love a good nude lip and I am loving this one in the shade Exposed.

COOL MOM Sweatshirt

Sherpa Mauve Hoodie

Sherpa Animal Print Pullover

Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint

Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Wardrobe

Amazonian Clay Cheek Wardrobe

A few words for the new year...

I am so, so, so excited for what the new year has to bring. New baby. New perspective on life from a mama's point of view. New goals and plans. Growing my social media (this blog, my YouTube channel and my Instagram). I am working hard to turn it into a business that'll let me do what I love (clothes, makeup, lifestyle and homemaking) while providing for my family.

I started my blog and youtube channel in 2018 but life had gotten in the way a lot (that excuse sometimes makes me feel better). But I have been so inspired this year by all the bloggers that I follow and the way 2020 has shown us that time is fleeting and tomorrow is not guaranteed that I am determined to achieve my goals, do right by me and make me proud. Yes, I do it for my family but in reality, I can do a lot of things for my family that'll provide for them but they won't make me as happy as following my dreams to do it. So yes, first I have to do it for myself so that ultimately I can do it for my family.

I hope you guys are having the best holiday season with your loved and am wishing you the happiest of New Year. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Don't be afraid of doing whatever it is that makes you happy. There's no time like the present.

Happy New Year!

xoxo, Christine