• Christine Liriano

Honeymooning in Santorini

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Blue top houses, clear skies and rocky beaches

On a boat in the Aegean Sea

Picking a Destination

Santorini was not my first choice for our honeymoon. I knew for sure I did not want to go to the Caribbean, already having been there a few times. It's pretty much the same; all inclusive resort, lounge by the pool and go to the resort night club at night where they play music from twenty years ago and the Wobble Wobble. Nothing against all those things or the Caribbean, my husband and I are both of Caribbean decent (I am Dominican and he is Dominican and Puerto Rican), but I was having a ‘been there, done that’ moment with the Caribbean.

My mind was set on going to Iceland because I have been wanting to see the Northern Lights for a long time. Unfortunately, July (our wedding month) is not the best time to see them. My friend suggested that we do a European cruise since my husband and I had never crossed the Atlantic before (she could honestly be a travel agent, she was so detailed and organized!). We were looking at cruises leaving from Spain and then docking in Italy and some islands in Greece. Taking into consideration the travel time to Spain and the time on the cruise compared to PTO at work, it all seemed too hectic so we decided against it.

I was then looking at Paris and maybe somewhere in Italy. Since it was going to be our first time in Europe, I really wanted to stay in the hotels I've been dreaming about forever like the San Regis or the Four Seasons in Paris. However, the prices were astronomical and I was like "oh no". My husband then suggested we just go to Santorini and so we did. And I am so glad we did! But come to think of it though, Santorini ended up costing about the same as Paris...whoops!

The Journey We left the evening after our wedding. On our departure to Santorini, we connected in London with an hour layover which was just enough time to go from one plane to the other. Coming home was a bit of an adventure. Leaving Santorini we had a fourteen hour overnight layover in Helsinki. When we landed in Helsinki, I was panicking because I wasn't sure if we had to pick up our luggage there or if the luggage was checked through all the way back home to New York although the ticket agent in Santorini did tell us that the luggage would be checked in all the way to New York. After finally we concluded that the luggage was in fact checked in, we headed for customs...but there was no customs. Somehow we managed to exit the airport without anyone stopping us. It suffice to say that I could not sleep that night thinking that the Finnish customs was going to barge into our hotel room for sneaking into the country! LOL! Thankfully they did not!


Back to Santorini, we stayed at the Pegasus Suites & Spa in Imerovigli, about a fifteen to twenty minute drive from the Santorini airport. We booked a honeymoon suite with the most beautiful view. It was almost a panoramic view of the Santorini Caldera. The room itself was on the smaller side but it did have a seating area and a balcony with a hot tub. Unfortunately, we only spent one or two nights in that room because the air conditioning was not working too well and my husband turns into Grumplestilskin when he is hot or hungry so he was not having it. The hotel, which provided very good service, moved us to an upgraded suite which was a bigger room and balcony but was much less private and the view was not as grand but still just as beautiful. Had it been for me I would have preferred to stay in our original suite, after waking up to the that view I did not care how hot it was. Santorini is so breathtaking and beautiful. It is exactly how it appears in the pictures. I think if you even try to photoshop or enhance the pictures you will ruin them. It's blue skies as far as the eyes can see and has the most amazing sunset.


I had taken care of booking the flights and accommodations, my husband booked the activities. We did jet skiing, parasailing, paddle boarding and a boat trip. Jet skiing was an hour and a half safari of the island’s beaches.When my husband first booked the jet ski I thought an hour and a half was not long enough but it might have been too long! My husband and I took turns driving but even then I felt like my wrist was going to snap off!

Against our beliefs, parasailing did not feel like a roller coaster. We thought we would get that ‘heart attack, anxiety inducing feeling’ but not at all. It was literally smooth sailing, nice and calm.

The boat trip was awesome. We got to relax, hangout and eat some good food. The boat took us to all the beaches on the island. There we got a chance to jump off the boat, snorkel and swim.

Now paddle boarding, that was a challenge! We had never done any activity like that (surfboarding, wind surfing) so we were not sure what to expect. I thought we were going on a boat where we would go in the water and paddle board, nice and safely, very near the boat. No! We took our boards out from the shore and the instructor would accompany us in a tiny kayak. The only safety we had were our life jackets and the rope you strap around your ankle that’s connected to the board. We swam out really far and I was nervous because I'm supposed to stand on this board while being able too see these huge boulders on the ocean floor. I kept thinking, "if I fall into the water I’m going to crack my head open!" But the instructor said that we were in deep waters but it seemed shallow because the water was that clear. For the first half of the activity I was kneeling on the board, and all that paddling was exhausting.

Then the instructor had us paddle through these these small mountains that had whirlpools between them (I was not standing up for that!). On the way back, I tried to stand on the board only to fall in the water but on my second try I was able to stand for a bit. I was so proud of myself! My husband took a few falls (he claims I fell just as much as he did, I did not, we won’t get into it any further LOL because he's very competitive) but he was able to stand as well. After the activity, the company we booked with took us to a small dinner which was included in the price. Overall, I think the paddle boarding was one of the most memorable things we did on the trip.

Other things to do...

We explored the island on an ATV (that was fun) and we rented a car for longer distances. I must say driving on the island is pretty scary. Like a lot of the islands I've visited in the Caribbean, Santorini didn't have a lot of traffic laws...or at least they weren't obvious to us, lol. There were winding roads with no re-enforcement and narrow roads that served as two way streets.

We ate breakfast every morning at our hotel but had most of meals at restaurants in the area as well as local grocery stores. We also had gyros when we went to a little shopping center to walk around. The food...was not my favorite. I’m sorry! But it wasn’t, it was good but I was expecting it to be more flavorful.

We went to a pool bar to chill during the day and watch the most beautiful sunset.

We spent a lot of time poolside and drank a lot of beer. It definitely was our most memorable trip to date.

We loved Santorini! It was so beautiful. It was such an adventure and we can’t wait to go and explore the rest world together. If you guys want more from our honeymoon, I have a blog on my YouTube channel you can watch!

To my married ladies, where did you all honeymoon?

xoxo, This Stepford Wife