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How to Create a Home Management Binder

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Get your household organized!

Keeping in theme with New Year, New Me (and all the get organized resolutions), I thought I’d share with you my favorite printables to get your household organized. I included everything from master cleaning lists to daily to do lists and grocery lists. I love lists! Lol.

With all these #printables we are going to be putting together a Home Management Binder. “What’s a Home Management Binder?“ you ask. A #HomeManagementBinder is going to help you run your #household smoothly. It’s where all the important information pertaining to your household lives. Due dates, shopping lists, home repair to-do lists, important contacts for the babysitter. You get my drift. This will help you stay #organized in a way that’s #tidy and not overwhelming. You’ll have everything you need in one place and everyone in your house will always know where to find anything they may need without hounding you. Thank god!

I will be showing you what I think should be included in a Home Management Binder but keep in mind that not everything might apply to your home. No two Home Management Binders are identical because no two households are the same so yours won’t look like mine and mine won’t look like yours. You have to customize your binder to your household needs.


To start off, you’ll need some supplies. A binder, obvi. I really like this one from Zazzle.

You can customize it and make it fun and pretty or you can buy one that has the plastic slip on the front cover. It’ll allow you to insert and switch out different cover sheets. You can even switch it our every month and season and make it even more special. You'll also need a three hole punch.

This one from Staples lets you adjust the position of the holes so they align perfectly with whatever binder you choose to work with. And you can punch fifteen sheets at a time to save on time! For sheets that have information like a cleaning routine checklist that don't need updating regularly, it's always good to use binder sleeves to protect them. To keep your pens, pencils and markers all in one place and near by, try a binder pencil pouch. It was really hard to find a cute one! I found this pencil pouch that is at least pink but still functional.

There is nothing more uninspiring than a dull and boring work area, station, binder, notebook. I don't know about you but I need all the inspo I can get so I try to make everything, that will have to come in contact with me while I'm working, aesthetically pleasing so have fun putting your binder together.

To divide all your printables into their respective categories we need dividers. You can get nice simple ones or extremely pretty ones like these.

And finally the last of the supplies, you’ll need another pocket or pouch of some sort to keep receipts and coupons. I really like this one, it has six compartments to keep your receipts and coupons organized.

Now, on to the fun part! The printables (click on the pics for links)! In no particular order...

1. Master gift list

Whether it's Christmas or a birthday, forgetting to buy someone a gift is just plain annoying. You have to now rush to the store, buy a thoughtless gift and it's probably over budget. To help with that, I included a master gift list. Here you'll record information on the people you usually buy gifts for (don't go adding randoms). This is a list that will be built upon over time. As the birthdays and Christmases pass, you'll keep track of what you give and what each person likes and appreciates. You'll also include sizes, hobbies and interests. Yes, this is extensive and detailed but for those times you do forget to buy a gift you'll be better equipped to shop on the fly but at least you'll buy something that the person will appreciate and you'll most likely stay within your budget.

2. Password tracker

You might not want to keep your bank account password here because that's highly sensitive information. But for example the password to your Instacart, Netflix or Seamless. These accounts are likely to be used by multiple people in your household. If anyone ever forgets a log in, they'll know exactly where to find it. There are some sites though that require you to change the password every so often. If your husband forgets a password and locks you out of an account (because husbands are good that way, lol), a trick to not waste paper and to not have to continuously use white out, only write the website, username and email address on the actual paper then slip it into a binder sleeve and then write the password in erasable marker. If you find that the ink might slip or smudge, let the ink dry for a minute and then put a piece of clear tape over it to seal it.

3. To-Do List

Of course you need a to-do list. It's self explanatory, you know what to do! Pun intended! Keep this one inside a binder sleeve for quick erasing and paper saving.

4. Daily Planner

For a quick snapshot of your day, a daily planning sheet is all you need. You can jot doctor's appointment, school pick up time, phone calls to make, etc. Also keep this one in a binder sleeve to erase and plan day after day.

5. Appointment cards

These are a great way to keep track of everyone's appointment, adults and kiddies alike. These are also helpful to know who's driving who where. Don't forget the binder sleeve!

6. Home repair and maintenance list

It doesn't matter if you live in a house or an apartment, there are somethings that just have to get done only a few times a year. Windows need cleaning, the side of the house needs a good power wash, vents need to be cleaned out. To keep track of all the things, try the list below. You'll probably have to tweak and edit to fit your home's needs but it's a good start!

7. Kids' chore list

For those of you with young kiddies, how cute is this chore list from the blog This House of Dreams? It's simple, straight to the point and not overwhelming at all. Truth be told, sometimes those huge poster boards with every imaginable chore color coded and detailed down to the correct way to hold the broom give me anxiety. If that's your thing and works for you, you go girl, but it overwhelms me and I don't even have kids yet. Put this cute little list in a binder sleeve and let the kiddies check off the chores as they are completed, then erase and start again.

8. Your chore list

To help you stay on top of your chores, this is a simple list to start off with. It's not excessive or heavy on the eyes which can make it dreadful and deter you from even getting started. Once you've mastered a simple cleaning daily and weekly routine, you can take on something more in detail. I love, love, love the Fly Lady and her cleaning zones. I will write a post about that soon but in the mean time tackle this list first.

9. Address book

Snail mail may seem obsolete but don't be fooled, millennials are sending more Christmas cards than any other generation. Yes, I've reluctantly accepted the fact that I am a millennial. It seemed like not long ago we were the new generation and now we're sending Christmas cards, it means we're phasing out, lol. But I digress. Having addresses handy means not having to ask your peeps for their addresses every year or if a thank you note is necessary, you'll already have all the info ready to go. But you can also include school addresses, daycare, and doctor's office addresses. Since addresses rarely change it's okay to do without a binder sleeve.

10. Birthday date list

Okay this one probably should have been up there with the master gift list but it's here now. At the beginning of every month, take a look at this list so that you can prepare to make a phone call, buy a gift or send a card. You'll also know how much to budget for gifts on any given month. Like addresses, birthdays rarely change (haha!) so feel free to forgo the binder sleeve.

11. Budget and sinking fund sheets

Speaking of budgeting, I am obsessed with budgeting ever since my cousin put me and my husband on to Dave Ramsey (I'll make a post in the future all about our journey to #debtfreedom). These two are very simple options to get started on budgeting. Skip the binder sleeve, it's just easier to put pencil to paper.

Who is Dave Ramsey?

What is a sinking fund?

12. Meal planning

Meal planning is one of those things that singlehandedly will save you time, money and headaches! It's a total game changer. If you can manage meal planning, you'll win at life. and the best part is, the more you do it the more resourceful it'll be. Before you know it, you'll have your own meal plan library. Thats why this sheet is so important to include in your Home Management Binder. I also included a master meal list you can pull from to get you started.

13. Party checklist

There's nothing more daunting than feeling like you forgot to do something for a party on the day of the party. Like a forgotten birthday, it'll cost you time and money. With this checklist, that little angst of pain will be a distant memory. So keep your sanity and let the list guide you. It'll guide from setting the date to getting to enjoy that party.

14. Master grocery list

Okay the order of this list is all out of whack. This should've been right after the meal planning sheet, lol. Like every other printable on this list, you'll customize it to you and your family's needs but it's a great reference guide. And of course you need one for all household supplies and goods.

15. Master Cleaning List

And finally, the holy grail. The master cleaning list. This list is going to keep your house in tip top shape. And I truly believe that a clean and organized house is the foundation to an organized life. You can't relax in a messy, cluttered home. And if you can't relax how do you expect to unwind and ease your mind. Cluttered home leads to cluttered mind. The next post I am writing is on how to make your own custom master cleaning list. You'll hit every spot in your house so you don't want to miss it. Make sure you subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post.

I promise you a Home Management Binder will change your life. I read an article on Pinterest that you should run your home like a boutique hotel and I couldn't agree more. Hotels are relaxing and inviting and they're always clean. If it's good enough for a hotel, it's good enough for your home. Take everything you need from this post and apply it to your home. In no time, you'll have your home-tel (lol, corny I know but I couldn't help it!).

The one thing I really, really wanted to include was family meeting planning but that deserves it's own post. It's something that I'm really passionate about and super excited to talk about, say tuned.

Do you already have a Home Management Binder, what's in it?

xoxo, This Stepford Wife