• Christine Liriano

How to Not Lose Your Mind During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Don't let cabin fever get you...

Guys...what is happening? Does anyone else feel like they're living in the twilight zone? The Coronavirus has changed all of our lives. But this is our new reality, our new normal. I have faith that we will all get through this stronger than ever. I believe that our economy will bounce back and I know for sure that life as we know it will be different but where there is life, there is hope.

As we transition into our new reality, give yourself grace. This is not something that any of us have gone through. So while we find our footing, let's talk about some things that you can do to make this journey just a tiny bit easier.

Keep your working hours

If you usually work 9-5pm, keep those same hours. Get up at the time you normally would. This will help keep your body's natural cyclical process functioning. Don't stay up "quarantining and chilling" until the crack of dawn and then wake up late in the afternoon. Abide by your normal work hours to maintain a semblance of normalcy.

Get moving

Whether you want to get moving in the morning or the evening, get your body moving. A lot of public gyms are closed but you can still work out outside. Go for a jog. Ride your bike. Rollerblade. Go for a walk. If you can't get outside, find YouTube workout videos. And no you don't need any equipment for working out at home. There are thousands of videos that just use body weight or prop around the house. My favorite workout guru on YouTube is Whitney Simmons. She has the best at home workouts!

Get dressed

Get up, shower, brush those chompers, brush that hair and apply that makeup and get dressed! Even though none of us ain't going nowhere, it is so important to put ourselves together. Have you ever noticed that when you stay in your pajamas all day, the day goes to waste? You lounge, watch tv and just chill out and eat all day. Having a chill day every once in a while is cool but we're gonna be in quarantine for a while. And we can't just chill the whole time. We have to up and at'em everyday that we are quarantined. And getting dressed changes your whole mood as well, it makes you feel more productive.

Don't Binge Eat

It's easy to throw all healthy habits out the window when we're home all day. Being home makes you want to eat all the comfort foods. If you're finding that you're eating all the carbs, try to switch them out from some healthier alternatives. Example, spaghetti for zoodles, sandwich wraps for lettuce wraps. Don't forget green juices and fruit smoothies!

Keep a Clean Space

When you have a cluttered space, it's virtually impossible to have a clear mind. It also weighs on you physically. A messy house only makes you feel lazy and you'll probably just sink and disappear into your couch before you know it. Keep your house clean and clutter free. You'll feel more productive and your mood will be lifted.

Stay Connected

Probably one of the most important things to do while in quarantine is to stay connected. Just because we can't go out, it does not mean we can't enjoy our friends and family. Call your loved ones and check up on them. Have brunch with your girlfriends over Skype. Imagine being quarantined in a time with no social media, no FaceTime or not even cell phones. We are so lucky to have these means of communication. These means will play a huge part in keeping us sane. We take for granted how lucky we are to be able to communicate with someone on the other side of the work in a matter of seconds. Take advantage of this blessing.

Other Good Habits to Keep

Stick to your daily routines

Stay hydrated

Don't watch the news all day

Open your windows, let fresh air and light in

Remember this is only temporary. We will get through this. Stay safe.

xoxo, This Stepford Wife