• Christine Liriano

Mother's Day Outfit Ideas

Mother's Day is literally right around the corner and I still don't know what I am wearing! I went online and tried two find some options for all of us because I figured if I'm having trouble then you might be having trouble too.

Mother's Day outing a usually a bit more casual, maybe a brunch or an early dinner so below are my picks for this Mother's Day in order.

Devoted Cotton Lace Eyelet Midi Dress from Vici Dolls

How sweet is this eyelet dress. Super airy and fresh and it hits at a great length just above the ankles which lets you show off your shoes.

Layla Dress - Beige from Petal and Pup

I love, love, love this dress! Especially now that I am still working on losing the baby weight. It give enough cleavage where you can feel a little sexy but still has enough coverage on the arms to cover problem areas. The bow ties in the front which helps hide your FUPA. What's a FUPA? Fat Upper P*ssy Area, lol!

Satin Cowl Neck Midi Slip Dress from Express

For a dressier Mother's Day outfit, this little black dress is just the thing. It's classic yet modest. So if you're going out with your little ones, it's more practical. I learned the hard way on how to dress while out and about with the littles but that's for another post.

Nikita Dress from Reformation

Has it ever happened to you that you love an item but you never get around to buying it and then when you do it is sold has happened to me twice, years ago and it still hurts, lol. One of those times was when I was looking for a dress for a baby shower and I found the most perfect dress at Reformation. It was the Talita dress. At the time I was debating because I thought it was too expensive, I never ended up getting the dress, it sold out and I still ended up spending about the same amount of money on a last minute outfit. Lesson learned, buy the dress! The Nikita Dress is perfect for Spring. The white and blue print makes you think of blue and white pottery giving it a classic feel. It's also super flirty with its neckline and bows tied at the shoulders.

Green Polka Dot Dress from Amazon

Amazon is really stepping up their game but of course that goes without saying. This dress can be dressed up with chunky heels or dress it down with flat sandals.

I have to say I think the Layla dress from Petal and Pup is my favorite with some chunky sandals, classic frame sunglasses and a sleep ponytail with a lot of body throughout the tail.

What dress is your favorite?