• Christine Liriano

My Favorite Influencers

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Blogs. Vlogs. Influencers.

If you say you don't have an influencer or a content creator that you admire, look up to or are influenced by (obvi), I don't believe you. Even if you're oblivious to it, there absolutely is someone online that you turn to for guidance in any capacity. Whether that be fashion, beauty, interior design, cuisine, gaming...the list is endless. Even if you don't use Instagram, we all use YouTube because after all it is only the second largest search engine in the world after if you've ever searched "how to..." on YouTube, ta-da!, you've been influenced! So today I've decided to share my top influencers with you. I turn to these ladies for an array of, hair, makeup, home decor and lifestyle. Without further a do, here are my favorite influencers.

I don't believe you.

Melissa Flores (YouTube: itsmelissaflores/ IG: Melissa Flores)

Melissa Flores is an east coast, Dominican lifestyle and beauty influencer. She's originally from New Jersey but currently resides in Maryland with her fiancé. I can easily relate to her because I also am an east coast, Dominican, except I live in New York. I'm drawn to her because I feel we have similar makeup styles and similar complexions which helps me a lot when I need product recommendations. But most of all, I love that she has managed to stay humble even with all her YouTube success.

Rachel Parcell (IG: Rach Parcell/Blog:

Rachel Parcell is a blogger turned designer with a very successful clothing line sold at Nordstrom. I first came across Rachel in a sponsored post featuring an Aerin (Lauder) fragrance, which happens to be one of my favorite fragrance brands by the way. I visited her Instagram page and instantly I fell in love. Rachel's home is what dreams are made of, well at least my dreams anyway. Her home is the perfect combination of traditional and modern. This continues into her clothing collection which is made up of very feminine pieces with details such as ruffles and florals and eyelets, oh my. Her style is prim and polished but not fuzzy. I also love that she's a mama and entrepreneur! Big inspo!

...her home is what dreams are made of...

Gabriella Lascano (YouTube:Gabriella Glamour /IG: Gabriella Lascano)

I am a self proclaimed OG follower of Gabriella Lascano, another east coast, Dominican beauty I turn to for most of my makeup inspiration because as her pseudonym suggests...she. brings. the. glam. I’ve been watching her YouTube videos for years and years and I’ve seen how she’s grown, even making a new Instagram page and growing it to over a quarter million followers. Gabriella is a New Yorker from the Bronx and like Melissa, she keeps it real. Kim Kardashian was my biggest makeup inspiration until about 2013 when her makeup style started to change. Enter Gabriella, now she’s the most influential makeup guru on my list. She’s all about the glam and I have her to thank for my rose gold makeup scheme obsession. I love that she’s not afraid to be herself and break barriers. Gabriella is someone that will keep influencing me for years to come.

Love Meg (YouTube: Love Meg/ IG: lovemeg09)

I came across Love Meg's YouTube channel when she only had about 20,000 subscribers and for some reason I stopped watching her. The second time I came across her channel, two years later, her number of subscribers had grown exponentially into the hundred of thousands. This time I stuck around. I think Megan's growth is due to her being relatable, down to earth, family oriented and determined. Megan's channel is mostly "Clean with Me's" (cleaning videos on YouTube are actually a thing, a rapidly growing thing) but she also does family vlogs and reviews. Some people might find watching other people clean to be weird, but I love it and find it motivational. And if you are going to watch anyone clean on YouTube you might as well watch the "Queen of Clean" herself.

Real Influence

These ladies, though very different from each other, have a common denominator: entrepreneurship and family oriented. This is what influences me the most about these women, even more than the makeup and pretty homes, it's their success. So when you think of an influencer, look beyond the superficial. Beyond the makeup, hair, filters. What really is it that keeps bringing you back to their account? I think that's the real influence.

Who are your favorite influencers?

-This Stepford Wife