• Christine Liriano

My Recent Sephora Purchase

Sephora has been having quite a few sales lately...

Is it me or has Sephora been having more sales than usual? Either way, I'm here for it! A couple of weeks ago they had 20% off for one day only and so I decided to finally pull the plug on some products that are on the more expensive side that .I've been putting off for a while.

Back in June, I had a total hair transformation. Cut, base color, balayage and glaze. With all that being done, I've made it a priority to take care of my hair. I naturally have thin hair and I'm only getting older which doesn't help so I really want to take care of the hair I have now. I I started my transition to quality products for with shampoo and conditioner specifically for blondes. I got the Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo from Morrocanoil and the Blonde Ale Brightening Conditioner from Drybar. Truthfully, I don't really see the point of using both a purple shampoo and conditioner. Moving forward I would only use one toning product. These products really don't clean or condition the hair rather than just tone. And if choosing between these two products, I would choose the shampoo. The conditioner did not condition anything at all, I hate to say as much as I love Drybar. As for the purple shampoo, I do first wash my hair with my regular shampoo.

And that brings me to my recent Sephora purchases! I worked in the beauty industry for over thirteen years and for years I have been wanting to buy Oribe products. Not only do they smell amazing but they have some of the best reviews from professional hairstylists. I'm kicking myself though because I could have used my employee discount back when I worked in Bloomingdale's but I never pulled the trigger. Oh well! I decided to go with the Signature Shampoo and Conditioner. According to my hair type this is what will work best with my oily, lifeless hair. I could've have gone with the Shampoo for Magnificent Volume but I also really wanted a basic shampoo that would be my go to. I can always use other products for volume. I actually haven't even used them yet but once I do, I'll let you guys know how I like it.

I also purchased the Advanced Night Repair from Estee Lauder. If you follow me on any of my social platforms, you might already know that this has been a holy grail product for me for years.The last year or so, I haven't used it because it is on the pricer side and we've had other things going. Okay, what I'm going to say next has come as a shock even to me. I don't know if this product still works for me...eek! Granted, It's only been two days since I started using it again but I feel that it gave me some tiny whiteheads. I know that can sometimes happen when you use a new product and it's been so long since I last used it, might as well be new to me again. I will continue to use it though because it was expensive and I really want to give it a fair shot so I'll give you guys update it.

What have you bought from Sephora lately?