• Christine Liriano


Okay, I'm very excited about this! Right now money is a little tight, with a baby and us moving to Houston (yes, that's right. Go watch me make the announcement on my youtube channel). But the trends and style is so on point at this moment that I really don't want to miss out. So I was thinking how can I still get my fashion fix but not break the bank. That's when I came up with the new series here on the blog...#OOTD. Obviously, this is not an original idea and it's been done a million times before but this is my style, my input, my twist. At times, I feel a bit more conservative and other times I feel super sexy so definitely don't expect the same type off outfits all the time! Until I get the hang of it I think I'll just do the clothes and shoes and once I organize myself better, I'll start incorporating accessories.

Here is today's first outfit!

Simple, clean lines with a feminine touch. I love a classic white tee but this one has a little twist. You can ruch the strings at the sides to give the tee a more feminine silhouette. The jeans hug your curves in all the right places. I have to admit, I was hesitant when Gen Z announced on TikTok that skinny jeans were over but I am actually loving the look! This pair is a good balance between skinny jeans and wide legs. You get the snugness of a skinny jean on top but the more relaxed look of a wide leg at the bottom. These sandals finish off the look in the prettiest way. The chunky heel is practical for an everyday look but the little bows elevate the look to something more than a casual look. This look is perfect for any kind of day. Busy running errands or grabbing a quick lunch with your girlfriends.