• Christine Liriano

Saving Money with DIY Nails

As I started brainstorming for this blog post, I don't think I've told you guys that me husband and I are building a house in Houston...but if I have told you, I'm telling you again, LOL. With that being said, we have been trying to be more mindful of our spending (don't know that we're doing the best job we could but that's a story for another day).

A few weeks ago I got a mani/pedi for some family photos that we were getting done and man was it expensive, well at least I thought so. It was $85 for a dip mani and a shellac pedi...I don't know, do you consider that expensive? I guess it depends on your location. When I lived in New York, I paid between $50-$55 for a dip mani and regular pedi. But I'm talking Queens, one of the outer boroughs of New York, not anywhere near in Manhattan. So that $85 was a little steep for me.

All this to say that a few weeks ago I saw Amanda of @PardonMuah on Instagram sharing this dip nail polish company called I immediately went to their site to check them out. I've always wanted to buy my own dip powders and quality gel polishes but could never find a trusted retailer to do so (I don't have the most faith in Amazon, LOL.) They have so many options form acrylic, to dip and tools. I scoured the site all night last night and chose some of my fave gel polishes and I linked them all below. I am thru and thru a neutral tone, short and square kind of girl with an occasional dark shade here and there. Rarely ever will you find me in the latest nail trends.

What are your favorite shades and are you a trendy girl and classic tones?