• Christine Liriano

Summer Picks for a Beach Vacation

Okay...I am definitely ready to clock out for the rest of Summer, mind you it is barely Spring, lol. That's how bad I need a vacation. As a matter of fact, the last time I went on vacation (if you don't count a weekend away to Cape May) was my honeymoon in 2018! I am long overdue. If I'm being honest though, I don't know if I'll be able to go away this year since we moved states, are buying a house and have a few other things going on that take priority over a trip but I can dream!

If I were going away these are some of the things I'd take with me!


Love the color of this dress! And even though it is long sleeve, the material is light enough to wear during a summer evening.


Love, love, love the neckline on this Free People dress. Personally, I think this is one of the most flattering necklines on myself and many others.


This jumpsuit is so versatile and can be worn so many different ways. You can change the neckline, wear dressy or casual sandals so you can basically get a ton of outfits out of this one jumpsuit!


How cute are these little butterfly sandals?! They come in a few different colors and are pretty enough that you can wear them casually or wear them with a dressier dress but still be comfortable and chill.


When packing for trips we tend to over pack, doesn't matter what we do it just happens lol. And I think that goes for mostly everyone right, lol. But in an effort to avoid taking unnecessary items, I think these strappy, nude sandals would be the only dressy shoe you'd need on a beach vacation. They literally go with any and everything! But wait, there's more! It's only a 3 inch heel!



These glasses have a classic shape and style, and since it's a neutral color you can wear it with every outfit. The hoops are from one of my favorite jewelry brands, Nadri. Their pieces don't tarnish and are very long lasting. You can totally dress the hoops up or down.


And saving the best for last...O.M.G.! This swimsuit!! The colors are so pretty and the style is perfect because you have the best of both worlds, bikini and one piece. It is on the more expensive side but it's a swimsuit that's not really trendy so you'll have it for years to come!