• Christine Liriano

What Making a Home Means to Me

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Home really is where the heart is...

Growing up, my dream home was the Georgian house from Home Alone. I think that may have been everybody's dream home, LOL.

...the sight of family, the chaos...

More than the beauty of the actual home, what enamored me was the sight of family, the chaos, and of course the spirit of Christmas!!

The most important thing...

I want to build a home that is much more than just aesthetically pleasing. I want to build a home that embraces you when you walk in, makes you not want to leave. A home that's filled with joy, laughter, traditions, routines, family and friends. These are the things that truly matter to me.I want to share with you mine and my husband's journey to building our family and home.

xoxo, Christine