• Christine Liriano

We Are Expecting!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Oh baby!

We are expecting a baby girl! 🤰 What?! We could not be more excited and happy! It’s been a struggle. We’ve been trying to conceive since 2015 😳. We’ve gone through surgeries, two failed IUI’s, and a successful round of IVF which gave us two healthy embryos 🙌 but the crazy part is we didn’t even get to do the egg transfer because we somehow managed to conceive this munchkin NATURALLY! So technically we have three kids 😅. Who’s older? The two embryos or the baby girl in my tummy? Who knows?! 😂.

I have a YouTube series explaining our whole journey. So make sure you subscribe to my channel. Shameless plug 😂.

xoxo, Christine