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What I Grabbed from the Sephora Spring Savings Event

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I thought it was the Sephora VIB Sale, apparently I was wrong, haha!

I tried not to go crazy, I actually didn't go crazy at all. With this quarantine and uncertainty, I wanted to play it safe. I got three products that I needed, one that I wanted and one that wasn't even from Sephora!

Estee Lauder Nutritious Super-Pomegranate Radiant Energy 2 - in -1 Cleansing Foam

Estee Lauder has my heart and soul. The makeup, the skincare, the fragrances!I am obsessed with the whole brand. The foaming cleanser doubles as a mask but also removes all my makeup like you wouldn't believe. I mean all of it! I've never even used an eye maker remover, I actually just don't like them but with this cleanser I've never had to. It foams into a rich lather and leaves your face feeling hydrated and supple.

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Mild

I am ride or die, die-hard Clinique fan. I've worked in cosmetic retail for 13 years and Clinique was the first brand I worked for. And I've been using this soap for just as long. Yes, I have dabbled here and there with other soaps but I always come back to ol' faithful. I use it after I remove my make, it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh but not stripped.

IT COSMETICS Brow power Universal Eyebrow Pencil

To be honest, I only ever used this pencil because a friend gave it to me. Little did I know it would become a favorite! For a long time I used pencils that you'd have to sharpen or the micro automatic pencils and I was not sold on a thicker pencil. First time I used the IT COSMETICS pencil I was so impressed. It's so easy to use, looks very natural and the pencil lasts forever. Added bonus: there's one universal shade which makes color matching a breeze.

BECCA Cosmetics Ultimate Lipstick Love in Dune (N)

Creamy and nude! Ironic my original fave nude lipstick is actually called Creamy Nude (Clinique). That was before I knew about undertones. That lipstick while nude, has a mauve undertone. This BECCA lipppy is the perfect creamy peach hue. This shade is so flattering that it can be paired with either warm or cool tone eye looks but if you know me, regardless of what makeup look I wear, 99% of the time I am wearing a nude lip.

A lil something', something' extra ;* Okay, this. next one is not available in Sephora but I couldn't resist since I was already online shopping and had to buy it before I talked myself out of the whole ordeal, lol.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Azur Eau de Toilette

I have been wearing the original Bronze Goddess fragrance every summer for as long as I can remember. It's like pina colada sexiness. Now take that and add Neroli and you have the new Bronze Goddess Azur. OH. MY. GOD. This scent is right up my alley. Fresh and citrus. And also, I love anything Neroli. Really anything! If sex on the beach had a scent, it would be this!

A lil more fun...everything I wish I had bought!

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What did you guys during this sale and what's remaining on your wishlist??


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